At the moment the three things we need the most help with are:

1) Join The 365 Challenge and do something amazing for others whilst getting fitter and healthier along the way.

Whether it be to walk or run 365 miles in a year, train to scale Everest, swim a mile a week, cycle the length of a country or simply to get out of the house and go for a walk 1 day a week for a whole year.signuphere2

Your challenge can be anything you like, as long as it’s based on getting exercise and that you commit to it for a whole year.


2) Share this page or website to your Facebook friends from the button below, Like the Facebook Page  follow The 365 Challenge on Twitter @365ChallengeUK and tell all your friends, family and colleagues about “The 365 Challenge” next time you see them and talk about what challenge you could do for a good cause.





3) Please can you sponsor the founders 365 Challenge chosen charities via the Virgin Money Giving Page,


We want The 365 Challenge to help promote living a healthier lifestyle and a healthier mind through exercise and by committing to a challenge will mean you will hopefully make new lifetime lasting habits whilst saying goodbye to some bad old ones.