So with all the activity you could be doing there are some easy ways to keep track of them with various smart phones and apps.

Below are some of the most popular with the links to them to download.



In addition to a fully featured GPS tracking service, Strava shows you a feed of your friends’ most recent activities and lets you compete against them in challenges—such as fastest half-marathon or most miles during a 30-day period. Strava’s top feature is its segment rankings—a leaderboard of all performances over sections of road or trail.
Free; iOS, Android

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Garmin Connect

Garmin is one of the best in the business when it comes to GPS tracking hardware. Software? Not so much; others do better. But the Garmin Connect Mobile app is a must-have if you own a bluetooth compatible device like the Forerunner 220/620 or Fenix 2. Through the app, you can enable a “LiveTrack” session, to share your activity (and location) in real time—limited to friends you send an invitation. After a run, the workout details from your watch can be wirelessly uploaded to the Garmin Connect website, though the process is painfully slow–a 12-mile run took us about four minutes to transfer.
Free; iOS, Android


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Long the leader in online running routes, this app is our top pick for navigating a new destination. You can easily load any of your previously created routes, or those nearby generated by other runners, and follow a breadcrumb trail on the screen. We especially like this feature when running in new cities, where we might otherwise just resort to running out-and-back along some heavily trafficked roadway.
Free; iOS, Android

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Kick your training into another gear with training plans created by expert coaches like Jeff Galloway. Or, if you want to draw inspiration from your circle of friends, you can share your activities with your social networks and see how you stack up against your friends in monthly leaderboards.
Free; iOS, Android

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While Endomondo’s web interface looks dated compared to most training logs available today, its smartphone app is sleek and boasts a slew of activity types—table tennis, anybody? We like its ability to offer you in-run audio pep talks, left by your friends who also use the service.
Free; iOS, Android

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In addition to the basic tracking—distance and time—Nike has engineered its app to cheer every time you receive a Facebook “like” or comment, encouraging you to keep running strong to the end.
Free; iOS, Android