There are many great online fundraising sites that allow you to safely receive donations from your generous friends, families, colleagues and acquaintances and below are a couple of the most popular ones..

Virgin Money Giving


Our story

Virgin Money Giving was created as a not-for-profit business by Virgin Money.


Well, Virgin Money’s ambition as a business is to make everyone better off. That means looking for ways of doing things that benefit customers, staff, shareholders, business partners and the community.

It’s about looking for the win:win, trying to do things that are good for business and good for someone else at the same time.


The idea to launch Virgin Money Giving came as a result of Virgin Money’s sponsorship of the London Marathon. Having taken a look at how runners raise money, it became clear there was a better way of doing things. One that would help people involved in all sorts of fundraising activities – and make everyone better off.

So how does Virgin Money Giving make everyone better off? Well…

  • Fundraisers and donors can be 100% confident that the company they’re dealing with isn’t making a profit on their donation and that more of their hard-earned cash is going to the cause they’re passionate about.
  • Charities get to know they’re paying the lowest fees Virgin Money Giving is able to offer (because the business isn’t run for profit) and that they’re given the tools and information that means they can run more effective fundraising campaigns.
  • And Virgin Money, who have invested millions of pounds in getting the website up and running, benefits because more people know a little bit about them and what they do – something that never does any harm in business.
  • So it’s really very simple.

 Just Giving

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JustGiving is the world’s social platform for giving

Our mission is to ensure no great cause goes unfunded.
Founded in London in 2001, so far we’ve helped people in
164 countries raise over $3.3 billion for causes they care about.


We are a tech for good company. We charge a fee, all of which is re-invested
into building innovative new tools for the causes we serve.


We think of ourselves as the R&D team for every cause in the world.
That means everything we do is focused on building cutting
edge technology that helps connect causes to people who care.
Many of the organisations we work with couldn’t afford to do this on their own.
We keep testing, learning and improving all the time.


We believe it’s not just what you do but how you do it.
Our focus is not just on driving profit but on creating a great product,
doing what’s right for our customers, and making JustGiving
an awesome place to work. That’s why 22 million
people use JustGiving to show they care.