Why 365 days?

This idea is not meant to be some New Years Resolution that fades in 3 weeks this is something that can change your life and to do that needs a serious commitment.

A whole year shows dedication and focus and will teach you / remind you of what it takes to complete such a goal as without goals in life we can just drift along so by setting one that needs to be worked at for a reasonable length it will feel so much more of an achievement when its completed.

Also by doing this for a year means you will have some great fun and learn a lot of positive things along the way.

Can I start my challenge on any day of the year?

Yes of course you can!

It’s a 365 day challenge not a calendar year challenge so you can start when ever you like!

Do I have to raise money for charity?

No not if you don’t want to.

We believe that some people may just need to do something for themselves first without the organisation of fundraising, therefore we want people to be able to join this group so they can belong to something, have a focus in their life and get a good sense of achievement from taking part in it.

It is very important to us that people use The 365 Challenge in the way that they need to because sometimes you need to take the time to help yourself before you can start to give again to others;  so if you want to do a challenge just to prove to yourself you can do it, then thats absolutely fine by us!

Will it cost me anything to sign up?

Nope, not a penny, not  a bean!

We just want people to sign up so we have an official register of who is taking on a 365 challenge and so we can see how popular it has become which will help us in the future as we plan to register The 365 Challenge as its own charity. :)

What do you get out of it?

Well apart from a healthier lifestyle and a great sense of achievement you also get a 365 Challenge starters certificate emailed to you along with your individual challenge number when you sign up as well as the chance to do something amazing to help other whilst getting some exercise; and not forgetting a warm fuzzy feeling inside :)

You also get to be part of an amazing community and group of people where through this and your challenge you will learn a lot about other people, some worthy causes, and also a lot about yourself and what you are capable of.

Oh it also means you can buy a cool ‘The 365 Challenge” T-Shirt if you like where all proceeds go to charity.

Can I get a T-Shirt?

We just said you could!

T-Shirts will be available to buy in a few weeks!.  You will be able to buy ones specific for your challenge with your details on to help you promote your specific challenge and associated causes and also some generic ones that people who want to support the idea of The 365 Challenge can buy one, with all proceeds going to charity.

How do you know I have done my challenge.

Simple, we don’t!

We trust you to be honest and up front about doing it, plus nobody likes a cheater!!!

Whats the Facebook Group for?

The Facebook group is to be a hub of information for all the 365er’s so we get a real community feel from being part of it.

In the group we want people to share:

  • Stories and pictures of their challenge
  • Running Routes
  • Useful websites
  • Healthy food recipes
  • Requests for help or advice
  • Events going on in their areas
  • Music play lists to exercise to
  • Exercise Tips
  • Pretty much anything 365 related