As the purpose of The 365 Challenge is to get people up and out and having fun, your challenge can be what ever you want it to be.

It’s not about being an elite athlete and running 365 marathons in 365 days (unless you want to of course)  it’s about committing to something challenging for you even if it’s just getting out of the house for a walk one day a week, it’s that simple.

So to help you along in deciding what your 365 challenge could be we thought we’d give you a few ideas of some challenges:


Distance Challenges

You could challenge yourself to run, ride, swim, walk, hop, skip or jump :) a certain distance in 365 days.

We’ve got people cycling 3800 miles and running 2015 miles, so you can choose what ever distance you like over 365 days to aim for.

Don’t forget you can do a distance challenge lots of different ways so whether you’re a budding Mo Farah,  Bradley Wiggins or Ian Thorpe then there is a way you can set yourself a distance challenge to achieve.

For more specific ideas, detailed information and examples of distance challenges already being taken on then just  . . . . . CLICK HERE

Hours Challenges

 You could challenge yourself to leave the house and walk, ride, jog, workout or play a sport for a certain number of hours a week for a year.

If distances or events aren’t your thing then maybe just regularly getting out of the house to do something physical for a certain number of hours a week might tick your box.

This could be simply going for a walk,  playing a sport, riding your bike, hitting the weights, machines or classes at the gym what ever it is that can be measured in hours then this could be The 365 Challenge for you!

Don’t forget you can combine activities with an hours challenge so you can enjoy a doing multiple activities to achieve your 365 challenge target!

For more specific ideas, detailed information and examples of hours challenges already being taken on then just  . . . . . CLICK HERE

Event & Activity Challenges

You could train for a specific event or set of events to be completed in the 365 days.

Whether it’s training for your first Marathon, cycling the length of the country, swimming the channel, or competing in a set of physical events like  Mudrunner, Man vs Horse, or triathlons, then these and the training required to prepare for them over the year can be your 365 challenge.

For more specific ideas, detailed information and examples of event challenges already being taken on then just  . . . . . CLICK HERE

Team Challenge

Don’t fancy doing it on your own . . . . ?team-running-in

Then why not do it as a team and have fun with your mates whilst doing so!

You could have a group milage or hours total and go exercise together to train for a set of team events.


1) There are no set rules to The 365 Challenge other than the challenge you take on must be physical and it must be challenging for those involved!

2) Before taking on your challenge please consult your doctor to ensure that you are fit and well enough to do so.