If you have the will then there is always a way, but to help you with that, we have put together a few  ideas to help make taking on your own challenge a bit easier.

Plan Ahead calendar

Plan your exercise into your week  so it fits into your lifestyle.

Make sure your kit is clean at the start of each week so it’s ready to go when you are.

Make sure you have the right kit for your activity so you are warm and comfortable so you enjoy conducting your challenge.

Eat Rightfork-knife-hi

Make sure you eat a balanced diet and the right amount of it so you have enough energy to do you challenge.  You’ll be amazed at what good healthy food can do for your energy levels.

Seek medical advice before you startblack-white-metro-stethoscope-icon

As it says, check with your doctor so they can advise you on your planned challenge.

Go to new places to keep it interestingplanet_earth

Run, Cycle and exercise on new routes. Take different paths so you keep it new and interesting. Like, why not try all those hill’s you normally avoid and make a hill challenge out of it?  You’ll be surprised how much fun exploring the area where you live can be and what new things you will see.

Make holidays and trips include your challenge

Go away for the weekend and combine your challenge into the weekend if possible to make it more fun.  You could even try an activity based holiday rather than a poolside and pinacolada holiday?

Involve friends and family in your activityfriends

Ask if they want to come along with you on your 365 as you never know they may then want to get involved with their own 365 challenge.

Take lots of pics and post them in the Facebook Group.

We want to know all your stories and see all your pics, celebrate in your success and help motivate you when you may need it.   So don’t be shy, post to the group and be a part of the community!

Record your activity on a smart phone app like Strava etc.Strava

Tracking your miles or routes is fun and can enable you to see how much you have improved or achieved over time, so have a look at the apps to track you activity page to give you a few ideas of which one you might want to use.

If you have any hints or tips that you think that other would find useful please email us at info@the365challenge.co.uk or via the contact us page.