Ok so if raising money for charity through regular exercise is not enough of a reason for taking on a 365 Challenge, then have a look below at some of the  key reasons why becoming  part of The 365 Challenge is a great  idea for you personally.

Social Benefits

– You will meet new people

– You will make new friends

– You will be able to join a great community of online people

– You will be able to develop further personal qualities like organisation & determination

– You will develop a sense of teamwork and that warm fuzzy glow of doing something good for others

Physical Benefits

– It will  help you maintain a healthy weight and shape

– It will increase your muscular strength

– It will promote healthy bones, muscles and joints

– It will increases energy levels

– It can improve posture

– Regular exercise is proven to produce a 35% lower risk of heart disease

– It will increases your endurance abilities

– It can help in lowering high blood pressure

Mental Benefits

–  It will increase your motivation

– It will give you higher self esteem and a sense of pride

– It will improve your confidence

– It will reduce stress, anxiety levels and depression

– You will feel a sense of achievement from achieving your goals

– It will reduce your mental fatigue


As you can see regular exercise can bring you so much so don’t be afraid of the commitment of 365 days.

Believe in yourself and you will surprise yourself,  we guarantee it :)