The 365 Challenge began when I woke up one morning and decided that I wanted to run everyday for a year but soon realised that although I like running maybe a distance challenge over a year mixed in with other activities might be more fun and might be better for my knees.

So I decided, my 365 challenge from November 20th, 2014  to  November 20th, 2015 is to run or mountain bike a total of 1600miles in 365 days.

That equates to the same distance of roughly 60 marathons, the entire coast line of Wales, or running the Millennium Stadium pitch end to end 21,466 times.

There are two reason why I came up with the idea of The 365 Challenge and am so passionate about it:

- First, I wanted to take on a challenge for charity so I could help those that need support and medical treatment but couldn’t organise it for themselves. Whether this inability to ask or get help was because of mobility issues, mental health issues or just because they don’t want to be a burden, I want to be able to help them to find their voice and get the help they need.

- Second, I wanted to encourage those that have their own challenges in life to get involved in something that gets them out in the fresh air and conducting in some form of exercise.  Leaving the house and getting exercise can be so hard for some people and because it is one of the most important things to do to help improve mental and physical well being,  I wanted to start something to help people to be able to help themselves.  

I wanted that something to be big, something really significant that gives those that need it a group and a cause that they can  belong to, to feel that they are needed by the others involved and have a purpose again so they have something positive (in the present and the future) for them to focus their minds on.  This in turn can then help them to regain some of the things that they have felt  they have maybe lost from themselves, like their pride or confidence, and aims to allow them to obtain a huge sense of achievement which can lead to so many other  positives in the way they lead their lives.

The 365 Challenge is therefore a way in which everyone involved can benefit and hopefully lots of people will end up living a healthier and happier lifestyle with exercise in their life because of it.

So please, really, really think about making a new years resolution that lasts this year, tell all your friends and family about it and join us with your own 365 Challenge.

IMG_0108Kindest Regards & Thanks,

Steven Marsh


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p.s. I really, really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations you can afford to give.